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Disposable Face Mask Production Line

Flat Face Mask Line series full-automatic mask production line is our latest product, with fine workmanship, stable performance and high production efficiency. The disposable mask production line adopts a “one drag two” design, that is, a mask forming machine, two ear band welding machines (outer ear bands) are connected through a one-to-two transmission line.

Flat Face Mask Line can realize the full-automatic production process from coil feeding, folding and pressing, and slitting, ear band feeding, welding, and unloading.

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Face Mask Automatin Line

No Station Dimensions Pack Size Photos
1 Loading Material
+(Noise Line Station & Emboss
3145mm*780mm*1985mm 3245mm*880mm*2035mm KN95 Face Mask Line
2 Mask Body Flipping Diverter Station 465mm*880mm*1000mm 565mm*980mm*1050mm KN95 Face Mask Line
3 Conveyor 1 2600mm*350mm*455mm 2700mm*450mm*505mm KN95 Face Mask Line
4 Conveyor 2 1100mm*350mm*425mm 1200mm*450mm*475mm KN95 Face Mask Line
5 Cutting & Welding Ear Band Station 3270mm*930mm*1510mm 3370mm*1030mm*1560mm KN95 Face Mask Line
6 Outer Shelf 6720mm*2905mm*2350mm 3005mm*1500mm*2050mm KN95 Face Mask Line
Business Terms:
1) Quotation available in 3 days from the date quoted
90% in advance ,the rest of one time payment Before Delivery
3) The quotation not including freight
* Special Note: Equipment parameters and components may be adjusted according to actual conditions of the manufacturer


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